Valley Hip-Hop: I-Dee

The Valley has gone through a huge transformation within the last 3 years and has became the largest musical hub for hundreds of miles in every direction. You can find any type of music scene and dive straight into it. Whether it’s Downtown Glendale’s Blue’s/scene, Phoenix Hardcore Punk or just RAAW Hip-Hop the Valley serves a diverse boutique of artistic media. One artist that the Valley has really been feeling right now is I-DEE also known to some as IDEEZY. Click to read the full article and listen to I-Dee.

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Mr. UU and DaDadoh – Again and Again

This is a really cool track produced by Mr. UU featuring DaDadoh. This East Valley duo recently came together to collab after performing so many shows together. The track has a mesmerizing synth lead paired with clever word play and hat nods towards 80′s high school proms. This beat has been one of my favorite Mr. UU beats. Most certainly check this song and these guys out.


Mr. UU & DaDadoh – Again and Again

Mr. UU Sound Clound

DaDaDoh Sound Cloud

Jonwayne – Cassette 3: The Marion Morrison Mixtape

jonwayneI thought it was so wonderful for Stones Throw to post this as a free download. This is a cool ass mixtape. The production and wacky style is reminiscent of MF Doom. The Mixtape boast some rehashes and a batch of cool ass beats. JonWayne goes over the orgin of his name and explains that he’s not another play-on-words hipster. Peep it. You can download it here


King of Blades – Mega Man 10


This is an awesome chiptune song composed by III, Manami Matsumae / 松前真奈美, Yasuaki Fujita / 藤田靖明, Minae Fujii / 藤井美苗, Mari Yamaguchi / 山口真理, Yuko Takehara / 竹原裕子, Makoto Tomozawa / 友澤眞, Shusaku Uchiyama / 内山修作, Akari Kaida / 海田明里, Takashi Tateishi. Wow what a mouthfull lol. Such an awesome team. Love this song

Ride- Nowhere Album Review

When I first heard this album, I actually kinda hated it. However, I learned to really like the singer’s voice. The dreamy guitar rifts that backed Gardener and Bell’s vocals really persuade the listener into this sticky nag champa scented web called Shoegaze. Known as the scene that celebrates itself. A lot of early Shoegaze acts specially in the UK usually were associated with one another and were often very supportive of the scene. One of the singers from this band went on to become the basis for Alternative Brit-Pop band Oasis.ride

   The bridges during these songs on this album are my favorite parts. Similar to how I always look forward to the scratch breaks by DJ Premier. This band does a real good job shoegazing. What do you expect form a Smiths inspired band? Once I accepted the singer’s vocals I fell in love with the group instantly. Such a bittersweet experience. My favorite song on this album is Dreams Burn Down. Anywho, peep it. Anyone who likes Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine or anybody like that will enjoy this.

You can download it here.