Saturday Love

It’s been almost 30 years and this song is still relevant today. I normally don’t post well known hits and things of that nature up on the blog but this song has been stuck in my head so this is my only outlet to release this tune from my mental. Cherrelle and Alexander O’Neil still perform this  song today. Which I find Viewtiful by the way. Toro y Moi and several other artist have also covered this song. Including a sample usage from SpaceGhostPurrp. Enjoy

Favorite Series: Wario Land

The Wario Land trilogy is perhaps my favorite Gameboy title. The series offers hundreds of levels, treasures to find, power-ups, secrets and my all time favorite element replay-ability. I was first introduced to this series back in 1997 with the release of the Gameboy Pocket. It was gifted to my cousin but I ended up playing it and enjoying it more then he did. At the time I was probably the biggest Super Mario Bros fan I knew so Wario Land stuck really quickly. I marveled how despicable yet lovable Wario’s character is and what he represents. Indulging in what ever wants, chilling, eating good food and being antagonized by women. The game is quirky and full of Japanese pop-culture references. I think the Zombie and Super Obese transformations were my favorite. I will be replaying all of these classics and posting up some reviews for them amongst other stuff. Stay posted.


The Stakes May 2nd @ the Nash 5/2/2014

The Stakes will be displaying their acrobatic sound this upcoming Friday at one of Phoenix’s coolest jazz lounges; the Nash.The Stakes is a 7 piece band. 2 MC’s, 1 vocalist, piano, bass, guitar and drums form a 2014 musical Voltron. Their sound is certainly  one of distinction. The best way I can describe their sound is a fusion of acid jazz and hip-hop melodies. The Stakes aren’t new, they’ve been here and it’s up to you all to check them out.

110 E Roosevelt St #110, Phoenix, AZ 85004

7:30pm-10:30pm; All ages, No cover

Stakes Music


TANHÂ Asano+Ryuhei

     TANHÂ is a silk compilation of tunes from Japanese warp-wave musician asano+ryuhei. Fresh Japanese Beat. This project is interesting. The album has a western J-Dilla-esque tone to it but the sound remains Japanese. In fact, very Japanese. There are samples that cut in out to add value to the colors being painted onto Asano+Ryuhei’s canvas.


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Valley Hip-Hop: I-Dee

The Valley has gone through a huge transformation within the last 3 years and has became the largest musical hub for hundreds of miles in every direction. You can find any type of music scene and dive straight into it. Whether it’s Downtown Glendale’s Blue’s/scene, Phoenix Hardcore Punk or just RAAW Hip-Hop the Valley serves a diverse boutique of artistic media. One artist that the Valley has really been feeling right now is I-DEE also known to some as IDEEZY. Click to read the full article and listen to I-Dee.

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