Power Glove – Vengeance (Mega Drive Remix)

I designed my Halloween Costume to this song. I kept it on repeat and witnessed ill creations I could draw up on a sheet of paper. Mega Drive does it a good job remixing this Power Glove track. Mega Drive is known for his heavy, hard hitting sound. Much more cyborgish and acidic than similuar artist.


G-Depp – Head Over Wheels

This song is pure 90’s concrete. Straight underground. I first heard this song on DJ Premier’s Crooklyn Cuts a while back. The Sample is clever. Using Tom Browne’s Charisma. This track tells the story of just your average New York MC riding around in cars and lusting over women. Those two things tend to go hand and hand with me somehow. Check this song out.

Here is the Sample

OutRun Music: Tokyo Rose – & I Saw You There

I don’t know how OutRun Europa missed this one but this is checkpoint music all the way.  Tokyo Rose never fails with this projection of lust in synth form.  Pure 80s dream sound. & I saw you there puts me post high school in 89 looking for that lovely lady. Ok, maybe it doesn’t take me that far back considering I was a few months old in 89 but I surely feel as so. Each note is painted with brilliant effects. Anywho, I hope you all enjoy this song as much as I did.

Tunnel Chase and Combat II

The other day I was watching Terminator and I couldn’t help notice the strong similarities between the Tunnel Chase musical score and Combat II from Far Cry :Blood Dragon.

From the Terminator

This song was composed by Brad Fiedel this song has a haunting and iconic time signature. This was the song played during the Terminator’s pursuit of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese through a tunnel. The Terminator’s face is falling off and all hell is breaking loose. I love it.

From Far Cry: Blood Dragon

This song has a slight tod towards Georgio Morordor. The time signature, drums and hits are next to similar. This was no coincidence. Produced by the Australian Duo, Power Glove, this was always a great song to blast down cyborgs too. I really like the feeling of uncertainly from this one

Here is another musical score from Far Cry: Blood Dragon. This plays whenever you encounter an hostile.

Diana Gitallog – The Girl With Blond Hair

Speaking of OutRun, here is a cool song I found off the OutRun Europa Compilation. I don’t know much about Diani Gittalong but apparently life for her is turning on a synth and looking for trouble. Ironically this song reminds me of being antagonized by a girl with brown hair and ivory skin. Maybe because I watch too much BladeRunner. Anywho, this was one of my favorite tracks off the compilation because it’s so menacing and versatile. Very retro, dope synth, I love it.

Thunder in Paradise

I’m not sure how I discovered this album. I think it may something to do with the monsoon weather we have in this part of the earth. This album is fun to listen to. Every song makes me dance to different timing and tempos.
The album starts out with Diving Board. A very nice opening track that sets the tone of the album. Intellectual-pop is a fitting mode for the track. Reminds me of Christopher Cross mashed with Kajagoogoo. I love it. I wonder if he used an Amiga 500 tracker for any of these tracks? Some songs have a Japanese ROM feeling to them


Track 2, Thunder in Paradise, is my favorite track. The way the track starts and carries is thrilling. Reminds me of being back in Miami, Florida. Listen and enjoy this album as much I did. It’s avaialbale for free off Plaisance’s bandcamp but donations are encouraged.